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Automated carbon reporting, so that you can actively track you footprint, and take action to reduce it.
Lets take small step forwards saving the climate, together.

There are many things you will love about our software

Apps, IOT-devices, integrations, scanners. It all works together to get you the full overview, and the ability to optimize.

Customized solution for the price of “off the shelf”
You can start using it right away, either on top of your software, to replace our software, or a combination.
Start from template or from scratch. you adapt the dashboard to your needs and can even operate from it. Can be shared internally and externally for collaboration.
You can offer your customers more “self service” solutions, easier for them and you. Your customers will get a better and more predictable end product.

Get all your systems integrated, with two way flow of data, for the first time.

You have better overview of all data, which will foster better collaboration and transparency in the organization.
You will be able to operate all your software from your dashboard.

This technology is built to assist your operations. Everybody works together no matter where you are, if you are in

We track the movements of your truck, the movement

No matter where you are you have the full overview in your pocket.

You can automate many procedures – so that you only handle non conformance. This will save you time, money, and reduce noise and errors.

You can automate even the tracking of your carbon footprint – and take actions to optimize.

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