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This is Enluminite​

Our Company​

We’re a software company headquartered in Stavanger, Norway, with offices in Oslo and Chicago.

Enluminite create industrial software for logistics & supply chains, industry & production and other industries.

Our products help industries unlock trapped value and enhance competitiveness through digital disruption.

About us - Enluminite
Mission Statement

Accelerate transformation of industries through connectivity



Enluminite builds staggering and powerful software, that is easy to learn and designed to collaborate across your entire value chain in efficient and sustainable ways.

Connect systems, share and contextualize data without replacing any legacy systems across your business network, see hidden trends and have all the insights when you need it.

It´s the platform that comes packet with integrations and turn-key apps that are and ready to go. Regular software updates keep things up to date and running smoothly.

And if you need to scale up, it’s just a few clicks away – since we are built on top of Microsoft´s global infrastructure.


Innovation is Creativity having Fun!

All our products are based on the same principles, ​

Simplicity, Easy to Use and Extension of Self!​



Driving forces​

Transform industries through connectivity and modular tools to optimize the way they work and reduce emissions

Join our Team​


Transforming industries is not something we can do alone, we must have employees, customers and partners on the journey.

Stand out from the crowd and tell us more about yourself.

Follow our page to see job offerings or send a DM if you believe we cannot wait to hire you and have to talk to you right away!

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Our Offices



Grensevein 21
4314 Sandnes

Høvik office


O.H Bangs Vei 51
1361 Høvik

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Global Infrastructure

We use the Microsoft stack of products, as this provides us with the best tools and access to top technical resources. We focus on agile principles, DevOps and continuous integration and delivery. This means that our customers get quicker turnaround and access to new features.

Built on trusted technologies

Azure Cosmos DB
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