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Control Tower


Integrated Logistics - Track&Trace



Control Tower

Enluminite orchestrates and streamlines real-time data from all your systems through a single platform, and creates actionable visibility across your entire value chain.

Control Tower​

digital twin


Just in time

Holistically plan and execute across your entire value chain without any constraints.

Order fulfilment and logistics is a series of processes and steps for the gods to arrive at the customer just-in -time. With a full overview of all steps and processes in real time, you can make informed decisions based on actual data and share operational data with stakeholders across the value chain.


Just in time

Our just-in-time modules helps coordinate and moves material just before it’s needed and reduces your need to store excessive levels of materials in a warehouse. The goal is to have no more materials on hand, and no fewer than you need at that moment.


Trusted Expertise​

Ingest, contextualize and visualize real-time data in a single platform, and automate your value chain along the way

Digital Worker​

Operate with data​

Equip your field workers with access to real-time information, improve operational efficiencies and reduce time spent on preparation and execution.

The information and data flow are continuously shared with the rest of the value chain for informed decisions.

Cargo and Tasks phone

Operational Data​

In your fingertips​

Empower your field workers with access to information and improve efficiencies across your entire value chain in real-time.

Users will be equipped with operational devices that shares notification and progress of tasks from the device from the field.

Cargo parts



Submit a yard request by a few clicks that is automatically sent to a forklift nearby, alerting the driver about the goods and its location.

The accepting forklift driver will then come and pick up the goods and drive it to the requested destination and add valuable information such as weigh, images and pin its position coordinates on the map seamless.

Power Apps​

New Thinking​

Why not collaborate with your customers and vendors where you already are already?

Access the Enluminite application from their own Teams user without any hazzle of logging into additional systems and have access to shared dashboards in real-time.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.​

Design is how it works!


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