Control Tower

Enluminite orchestrates and streamlines real-time data from all your systems through a single platform, and creates actionable visibility across your entire value chain.

Integrates Supply Chains​

End-to-end Logistics

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Seamless Operations

End-to-end visibility across the entire supply chain, enables businesses to better serve their customers all the way from procurement of materials, scheduling, production and then final delivery to their customer.


Business Value​

Use digital transformation to deliver operational efficiencies and reduced costs ​

Office, Cargo and Tasks - tracking

Operational Data​

In your fingertips​

Empower your field workers with access to information and improve efficiencies across your entire value chain in real-time.

Users will be equipped with operational devices that shares notification and progress of tasks from the device from the field.



Anticipate possible contingencies and avoid avoidable problems by planning and informed decisions​


Resource Management​

Plan, schedule and allocate your organization’s resources when and where they are needed ​



Electronic Data Capture

Manage your resources, such as people, equipment and materials effectively, so that the right resources ​are assigned to the right tasks.

Go Anywhere ​

Transport Management

Improve visibility, lower freight costs, reduce logistics risk and strengthen overall customer experience.

Get instant alerts, widespread logistics performance data and more visibility across the supply chain, all through the power of connecting digitally


Cargo Management

Enluminite empower your company with a complete end-to-end cargo management system to drive drive efficiency throughout your organization. ​

Our solutions are highly interoperable, modular and scalable to suit individual needs.

Designed for efficiencies

Yard Management

Submit a yard request by a few clicks that is automatically sent to a forklift nearby, alerting the driver about the goods and its location.

The accepting forklift driver will then come and pick up the goods and drive it to the requested destination and add valuable information such as weigh, images and pin its position coordinates on the map seamless.

Contracts and Cost​

Rental Equipment Management

A powerful inventory and rental management solution that provides a complete overview of contracts and actual costs in real-time.​

Track equipment and visualize your allocated costs through our extensive operational dashboards.​

Marine Operations Management



Carbon Footprint​

Retrieve, analyze and visualize your carbon footprint for efficient sustainability reporting, ​and get a clear picture of where and how to cut emissions.​

Improve performance with seamless real-time operational data and integrated logistics!


Control ​

Revenue & Cost Management

Automate your revenues and cost management with highly accurate operational data, and improve both administrative and operational activities.​

Get a snapshot of your business performance and measure your operational cost against revenues. ​

The solution ties time and material for fulfilling contractual obligations against revenues and provides management with deep insights of how you spent your resources.

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